Fall 2019 Trends (From My Closet)

Honestly, this year I haven’t kept up with trends. I’ve been wearing what I like and what’s comfortable and practical. But I am super excited about the upcoming fall trends, because I was able to shop most of them from my own closet! Giving love to old clothes is a good feeling and can be such a fun and creative experiment. I don’t feel like I have to buy anything new and I can just continue to love the pieces that I own for this fall.

  1. Plaid // 2. Powerful Shoulders // 3. Tiny Bag


This vintage blazer came from my mom’s closet and is a repeat every fall. The plaid is the perfect kind of plaid, not too big and the perfect autumnal color palette. This blazer originally had shoulder pads in it but I did remove them, but the blazer still gives off that structured look and powerful shoulder vibe.

Okay, maybe I cheated. This is a recent purchase, but I honestly just bought it on a whim, not even knowing it was going to be a fall trend.

Funny story is this bag was an accidenta. I saw it on ThredUp and immediately bought it, not looking at the measurements. So it was a little bit of a surprise when it came in the mail and it was itty bitty. My husband makes fun of me and tells me “where’s your munchkin bag?” when we’re about to leave the house. The size isn’t very functional for me as a working mom (I carry a lot on the daily), but I love the texture and it’s fun (and it was only $10!). It’s a nice little bag for date nights or vacation when I don’t have to carry much.


4. Dark Floral // 5. Girly Grunge

This type of look has always been a favorite of mine. I just love the mix of super feminine with dark/edgy vibes tied in.


6. Leather on Leather

I love this trend for the fall! This can 100% be done with faux-leather, like the pants! Head to toe leather, like in this outfit, is edgy but sleek and surprisingly sexy.


7. Knit on Knit

Now the complete opposite of the leather on leather look is the knit on knit. Not that it gets super cold here in Louisiana (maybe it will in about 4-5 months). This trend is super cozy but can be done in a chic way, paired with the right accessories.


8. Jewel Tones // 9. Animal Print

This kind of emerald green color has been a huge trend in the past year, not only in clothes but also in home decor. I wore this dress is the summer with some kitten heel sandals and now with animal printed boots, which is another fall staple!


// Trends I Won’t Be Trying //

Lace: Although I think lace is beautiful, for me it’s too delicate and I snag it on everything. I honestly don’t own anything lace because I just don’t gravitate towards it. So I’m just going to pass on this trend.

Asymmetrical Shoulders: As I get older, I’m more realistic with my purchases. Even though the asymmetrical shoulder trend is chic and fun, it’s just not practical for me as a breastfeeding momma and a office working momma.

Capes- Capes definitely had their moment a handful of years ago. I’ve seen it before and not super excited about the trend. Capes are definitely more of a preppier style and I don’t feel it fits my style.