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Skirts of Urban


Laura Ware

I’m Laura Ware and I’m the creator of Skirts of Urban. Skirts of Urban documents my simple life as a wife and mommy to Jude, living in Louisiana, the ups and downs of life, as well as my love for fashion and beauty.

You’ll usually find me spending my time with my amazing husband (and photographer) Mason, snuggling my sweet baby boy, searching for the nearest cup of coffee, loving on our pup Katniss, at church, or online shopping.

I started Skirts of Urban back in 2014 when I was finishing up high school as a little hobby. My style has gone through many changes over the years, but that’s what I love about fashion, it doesn’t have to be one way.

I’ve changed and grown so much in the years of running my blog and I’m working on bettering myself everyday and finding my niche. I still work a full-time job and I honestly just love sharing my life. Stay tuned for some fun changes for Skirts of Urban coming in the future!